Vision Statement

Provide person-centered, multi-dimensional care to any person in need of behavioral health services using evidence-based clinical practices to achieve their wellness goals.

Treatment Philosophy

• Behavioral health problems can be effectively treated in the community

• Clinical services should take place in the least restrictive environment suitable to the individual’s unique situation and under conditions which assure safety, comfort, confidentiality, and wellness 

• People can learn to effectively manage even chronic behavioral health problems and live healthy, meaningful lives in the community

• Community involvement is crucial in identifying and meeting the behavioral health needs of local residents

• Prevention, education and wellness programs are essential in reducing the on-set of behavioral health problems

• Research and evaluation activities enhance our ability to provide effective, evidence-based clinical services

"We here at Family Counseling Center believe in hope, that allows endurance and overcoming when faced with adversity; in power of change and growth in individuals, families, groups and communities; in human integrity, that allows belief, loyalty and commitment to a higher cause; but our utmost belief is in you, come join us in believing." - Myra Callahan, CEO


Empower person-centered recovery.

Core Values:

• All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect

• All people should be empowered to exercise informed choice

• Continuous quality improvement
• Person-centered planning and care

• Evidence-based clinical interventions

• Integrated care

• Wellness is multi-dimensional

Crisis Hotline
1 (800) 356-5395